Social media continues to evolve rapidly as more online users and communities become interconnected. As a result, commercial marketing teams are able to capitalize on social media’s reach to increase their visibility, foster relationships with consumers, and increase brand recognition and loyalty. Incorporating social media as a key strategic initiative of your overall go-to marketing plan for your new products and services cultivates an ecosystem of engaged customers who have the potential to become personally invested in a company and its brand. While social media interactions are comprised of likes, shares, and comments, these interactions can result in lasting relationships with real customers.

When it comes to executing effective social media marketing, however, commercial marketing teams must do their research and dedicate time to learning how social media engagement works. While the fundamentals remain relatively consistent, marketing teams must decide which strategies work for capturing the attention of their specific target audiences.

Fortunately, in many cases, social media provides immediate feedback from customers, which can help marketing teams determine whether they’re executing social media strategies that best fit their brand. In addition to gauging audience interest and reception, social media proves an effective tool in uncovering ongoing insights and feedback. As consumers are more likely to voice opinions via social media than over the phone or email, social media platforms can be utilized as extensions of customer service, allowing companies to listen to their audience and receive valuable, timely information.

While social media is renowned for its reach, it also proves valuable for engagement. Platform interaction provides global marketing teams the ability to uncover insight to consumer and patient experiences and address any issues that arise. This proactivity can result in improved trust and credibility.

Social media engagement also proves beneficial in retaining customers. Consumers seek personal interactions that let them know companies care. Companies that connect with their audience and address concerns and feedback are more likely to see improve brand loyalty. This following can, in turn, attract new and valuable targeted customers. Consistent and positive interaction increases the likelihood of product trials and adoption.

These conversions and other data can also be easily collected through social media platforms. Social media enables marketing teams to track and measure engagement, responses, and other factors. Analyzing this data provides marketing teams the opportunity to make improvements to their campaigns.

At its core, social media provides ease of communication. Customer interactions can demonstrate a company’s customer service and enrich relationships with customers. When done correctly, social media marketing can cultivate an ecosystem of high traffic, positive interactions, more conversions, and loyal customers.