Rubin Spann

Global Digital Health Leader

Digital Health Career Journey

I am experienced in planning, deploying, and commercializing digital health disruptive technologies across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries. Whether it is a cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform, a connected device, a consumer health mobile application, or a wearable device, I get excited knowing that my work is contributing to meaningful changes in patients’ outcomes and improving how healthcare is delivered globally.

In 2008, I moved to Basel, Switzerland, to become the Head of Global Product Marketing for Digital Dentistry Solutions at Straumann Dental Implant Corporation, the # 2 global dental implant company. While there, I led an initiative to digitize the clinical workflow of restoring a patient’s missing teeth utilizing dental implants manufactured with CADCAM Connected Technologies. This extraordinarily successful initiative was the first of its kind in the dental implant industry and significantly contributed to Straumann’s expanded global market share growth, becoming the #1 global dental implant company within 24 months.

Later, I joined KCI USA (a 3M Company) to lead the global commercial strategic product marketing activities for a $500 million negative pressure wound care portfolio. While there, I led a global cross-functional team that planned, deployed, and monetized a disruptive cloud-based remote patient platform for the in-home treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds that reduced hospital readmission rates.

Early in 2018, I started Global Marketing Squared, LLC (a boutique product marketing and commercialization consulting firm) in Memphis, TN, with two business partners. The mission of this firm has been to help health-tech companies design, deploy, scale, and monetize novel disruptive digital health platforms, connected devices, and mobile health applications across the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries. The firm focused on healthcare companies with significant growth opportunities assisting them in commercializing and scaling their technologies in the US, LATAM, Europe & Asia Pacific regions.

Most recently, I joined Abbott Rapid Diagnostics in 2020 during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I lead a global cross-functional team to deploy, scale and monetize a consumer and physician health application designed to track, report, and prevent the spread of COVID-19. My accomplishments thus far have included digitizing the manual reporting process of aggregating COVID-19 test results from multiple remote sites (which previously took 3-6 weeks) to only 24 hours, saving time, reducing reporting errors, and saving lives during the global pandemic.