Deployed Projects

I have had the opportunity over the last decade to design, deploy, scale, and monetize many disruptive digital health technologies to deliver better patient outcomes, improved patient experience, reduce costs, and drive revenue for healthcare companies across the medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics industries. 

See below a few examples:

Connected CADCAM Platform: Digitizing Clinical Workflow in Dental Implants Industry

Straumann Dental Implant Company, based in Basel, Switzerland, was the #2 global dental implant company. After the 2008 financial crisis, Straumann experienced significant market share loss due in part to low-cost implant providers from Asia, Eastern Europe, and the US. The solution was to digitize the clinical workflow of replacing patients’ missing teeth with dental implant-borne restorations manufactured using CADCAM technology to reduce costs, reduce product variations, and maintain premium pricing through innovative technology. This resulted in Straumann going from the #2 global dental implant company to #1 in 24 months by commercializing a disruptive digital health innovation (connected CADCAM technology) in the dental implant industry. This saved dentists and patients time, reduced manufacturing costs, improved product quality, and maintained Straumann’s premium pricing.

Remote Patient Monitoring: In-Home Treatment of Chronic Wounds

KCI USA (a 3M company) based in San Antonio, TX, was the global market leader in Negative Pressure Wound Care for the treatment of patients suffering from acute & chronic wounds. The wound care industry in 2016 was experiencing substantial apathy due to the lack of any new innovation, the market was fragmented, and the market was experiencing significant price erosion. The solution was to develop, deploy, scale, and monetize a global remote patient monitoring platform designed to keep track of the ongoing treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds in their homes and at non-traditional facilities outside of hospitals. In addition, a patient mobile application was to be developed and deployed to educate patients on wound care hygiene and compliance and to connect them with a 24-hour customer support team to manage any technical issues. The results were the company maintained its global market leadership through deploying a remote patient digital health platform & patient application allowing the company to maintain its premium pricing, increase its customer loyalty significantly, and enter new high-value customer segments.

Physician & Consumer-Facing Mobile Applications: COVID-19 Surveillance

Abbott Rapid Diagnostic is a global market leader with strong brand recognition within the rapid diagnostic testing industry in emerging markets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need to change the manual process of data surveillance and test reporting. Traditionally, the aggregation and reporting of patients’ test results from multiple remote locations was a slow process prone to reporting errors. This was particularly true for COVID-19 test reporting taking sometimes between 3-6 weeks to aggregate test results from different remote sites. The solution was to design, deploy, scale, and monetize a cloud-based consumer & clinician health mobile application to aggregate and report COVID-19 test results from remote test sites in real-time. Deploying this consumer & clinician health application resulted in a faster aggregation of test results from remote sites, reducing the wait time from 3-6 weeks to only 24 hours. It also resulted in fewer reporting errors and more efficient deployment of healthcare resources to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.