Videos have become an increasingly effective marketing tool when communicating new product information. As it becomes easier to produce and update, training videos have grown as an integral tool for educational and training content. More recently, micro-training videos, short video forms designed specifically for customer training and education, have surged in popularity.

Generally less than a minute, micro-training videos are easily viewed by healthcare customers specifically, enabling them to conveniently receive relevant information and retain critical knowledge. Their mobility—as micro-training videos are increasingly portable via smartphones and other smart devices—enables a larger number of customers to access important, new product information at their convenience.

Micro-training videos are engaging and can be crafted into small, digestible information modules that offer support to healthcare providers at the point where healthcare is delivered.  As the needs change or the new product is updated, healthcare marketing teams can easily update and re-deploy these micro-training videos to ensure relevance and accuracy.

When it comes to producing effective micro-training videos, healthcare organizations should focus on one subject per video to ensure customers are focused and are able to retain important information. Using a script to produce micro-training videos helps to not only appropriately pace the video, but also ensure the time is used effectively.

Moving forward, healthcare marketing teams should consider incorporating micro-training videos as a key part of their launch strategy for new product introductions. Micro-training videos are effective, easy to update as needed, and provide convenient access to appropriate target audiences. Using micro-training videos during new product introductions can increase both trial and adoption, driving increased top-line revenue.