The only thing constant in MedTech is change. This is particularly true with customer engagement and advertising trends. When it comes to generating visibility and credibility for your company, public relations activities prove valuable when they promote company trust. Effective global commercial marketing teams in MedTech are integrating public relations activities into their go-to-market launch plans to capitalize on this newer, high-quality form of direct customer engagement and influence.

Public relations maintenance can help build a company’s brand by increasing visibility and creating a buzz. This visibility will not only attract new customers to your company but also validate your existing customers’ decision of partnering with your company. Medical device companies are often unsure of how to market their value to their customers and end-users, which may result in notable activities or developments going unnoticed.

This is a missed opportunity for global commercial marketing teams to create value for their products, services, brands, and company. Press releases are a valuable tool that can establish a strong foundation for a positive reputation and build ongoing trust with customers and decision makers. Press releases also can help companies gain visibility for other newsworthy topics beyond product launches including incorporating awards and recognitions, certifications, and emerging applications for existing technology. Highlighting this type of content ensures companies remain distinguished and relevant versus their competitors.

When exploring the use of public relations activities during a product or service launch, press releases can also highlight compelling stories by tying in the company’s unique products, services, and solutions to current healthcare events. This melding of companies and the current healthcare landscape establishes how influential and relevant companies are in their industry.

Well-crafted press releases also serve as resources for industry journalists who may pick up stories that are share-worthy for social media and blogs. This not only enhances visibility for the company but also establishes a prominent narrative for companies that promote familiarity and customer trust. Press releases also serve the role of re-enforcing key marketing messaging which can provide aerial support for your sales team.

This can lead to successful product and service launches by providing appropriate exposure and consistent releases that keep the company and its work fresh and pertinent.